The development of this site has been primarily supported by the National Science Foundation , under grants:

Texas Instruments, Rational Software (IBM) and Kaner, Fiedler & Associates have also provided generous research support for development of materials for this site.

BBST is a Registered Trademark of Kaner, Fiedler & Associates, LLC.

The BBST ® lectures evolved out of practitioner-focused courses co-authored by Kaner & Hung Quoc Nguyen and by Kaner & Doug Hoffman (both former Presidents of the Association for Software Testing). We then integrated sections of James Bach’s and Michael Bolton’s Rapid Software Testing (RST) courses, primarily into what is now BBST-Foundations. The online adaptation of BBST was designed primarily by Rebecca L. Fiedler.

Starting in 2000, BBST ® evolved from a practitioner-focused course through academic teaching and research largely funded by the National Science Foundation. The Association for Software Testing served as our learning lab for practitioner courses and continues to offer these courses, and instructor training, to its members. We evolved the 4-week structure with AST and have offered over 30 courses to AST students. We could not have created this series without AST’s collaboration.

The engineering ethics courses extend many of instructional design ideas of BBST to a different domain, using a different course-development platform.

For assistance with BBST and the ethics courses, we thank Scott Allman, Jon Bach, Scott Barber, Bernie Berger, Ajay Bhagwat, Rex Black, Michael Bolton, Paul Carvalho, Fiona Charles, Adriano Comai, Elaine Conway, Selena Delesie, Jack Falk, Jeff Fry, Morven Gentleman, John Hagar, Dawn Haynes, Linda Hamm, Paul Hayes, Elizabeth Hendrickson, Paul Holland, Kathy Iberle, Allen Johnson, Bob Johnson, Karen Johnson, Paul Johnston, Johan Jonasson, Michael Kelly, Benjamin Knowles, Brian Lawrence, Michael Larsen, Brett Leonard, Dave Liebriech, Brian Marick, Jen McCann, John McConda, Greg McNelly, Emilia Mendenhall, Keith Miller, Louise Perold, Meeta Prakash, Dee Ann Pizzica, Ben Simo, Melora Svoboda, dozens of participants in the Los Altos Workshops on Software Testing, the Software Test Mangers’ Roundtable, the Workshops on Heuristic & Exploratory Techniques, the Workshops on Teaching Software Testing, the Austin Workshops on Test Automation and the Toronto Workshops on Software Testing and students in over 30 AST courses for critically reviewing materials from the perspective of experienced practitioners. We also thank the many students and co-instructors at Florida Tech, who helped us evolve the academic versions of these course, especially Ancy Abraham, Ayuba Audu, Pushpa Bhallamudi, Karishma Bhatia, Raka Biswas, Walter P. Bond, Derek Brown, Tanya Brunner, Timothy Coulter, Jennifer Deignan, Mark Esposito, Sabrina Fay, Jeff Fuller, Keith Gallagher, Matthew Garabedian, Anand Gopalakrishnan, Nikki Hoier, Ajay Jha, Alan Jorgensen, Nawwar Babbani, Kishore Kattamuri, Pat McGee, Michelle Meadows, Carol Oliver, Sowmya Padmanabhan, Briam Ramos, John Rodgers, Carolyn Thaggard, Andy Tinkham, and Giri Vijayaraghavan.

Work on this site would have been difficult if not for the help of many dedicated volunteers who produce much of the open-source software that runs the Internet and the Web. In particular, we want to thank the creators of the following software:

  • Gnu compilers and utilities
  • Linux
  • Apache
  • PHP
  • PostgreSQL
  • SSH
  • CVS
  • Sendmail
  • Samba